As a business owner, security needs to be top of mind in today’s world.  In the U.S., businesses continue to lose billions of dollars due to theft and unauthorized access. If your business is not protected you are at risk for a huge loss.


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Business Security Systems

Business Automation Systems

Burglary/Intrusion Systems

Hold-up/Panic Systems

CCTV – Video Surveillance

Access Control

Fire Alarms/Systems

Environmental Control Monitoring

Lighting/Temperature Controls

Life Safety Devices

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Dr. Alarm offers integrated security solutions to help protect your business:

  check image Burglary and Intrusion Systems   check image Central Station Monitoring
   check image Hold-up and Panic Systems
  check image Lighting & Temperature Controls
   check image CCTV – Video Surveillance   check image Elevator Security
   check image Access Control   check image Life Safety Devices
   check image Fire Alarms & Systems  



Whether you’re in the office or out on business, Dr. Alarm is here to help keep it all protected. Get the “Total Protection Package” for retail and corporate offices!



What happens if an armed robber comes into your business and points a gun at your head or an office worker? Are you prepared to handle this situation?  Don’t be caught off guard…Dr. Alarm’s panic system is designed to get you help immediately and can be activated without alerting the intruders.  In addition, CCTV cameras can help record the event for future use.  Help police track down the bad guys and your stolen merchandise.




Security System Features

Security System Features

Get Security System technology that works wirelessly through advanced GSM cell phone towers to maintain a dedicated and secure connection.


System Sensors

System Sensors

Dr. Alarm offers the best Business Security & Automation products to help prevent intrusions, fires, leaks, and so much more.

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Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring Station

If you have any of our integrated systems installed in your business, our Central Monitoring Station will notify you right away if an alarm goes off!

Central Monitoring Station




5-Star Diamond Central Station Monitoring


Your business needs protection 24/7 from unauthorized visitors and burglars. Keep an eye on your business by having Dr. Alarm’s team of security professionals watch over your facility.


Customizable Easy-To-Use Alarm Systems


Each business needs gets their own tailored made security system. Ease-of-use and simplicity are some of the many benefits of Dr. Alarm’s business security systems. Workers can be easily trained on the system and ready to protect your business from harm.







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