Frank M.

- 03/15/2014

" I go on vacation a lot and not being able to see what was going on at my house while I was away was really frustrating. Now with Dr. Alarm installed I can dial in from my smartphone whenever I want to! "


Joseph D.

- 02/08/2013

" I love the Dr. Alarm system that was installed in my house recently. I feel so safe now! Thank you Dr. Alarm! "


Christopher S.

- 01/21/2013

" My experience with Dr. Alarm was great! The technician that came to my house was very nice and neat. It didn't take long at all to get the whole thing finished too. "


Jose R.

- 05/08/2013

" Your company's customer service was great to deal with it, you don't see that often now-a-days. The salesman was informative and knew exactly what I would need for my house. I recommend Dr. Alarm to everyone! "


Isabella M.

- 01/04/2013

" The Dr. Alarm system in my house is so easy to use! I was a little afraid because I am not that good with technology, but they talked me through it and answered all my questions! Thanks Dr. Alarm! "


William N.

- 09/19/2013

" At first I wasn't too sure about having cameras all over my house, but I've never felt so safe before! Especially with a newborn, my wife and I love being able to watch our son while he's sleeping. One of the best investment's that will lasts for years to come. "


Giavanna T.

- 03/30/2013

" They have amazing alarm systems! Great product for families! I always know where my kids are :-) "


Jonathon L.

- 06/24/2013

" Dr. Alarm Updated my alarm system this past year. They were friendly, and informative. After installation, they were very helpful in showing me how to use all this great technology! "












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